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It's all about price


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I'm in the process of shopping for an engagement ring, and in spite of the 4 C's find the process to be a bit confusing. Here's the bottom line. AFter numerous hours of shopping at a variety of stores I've managed to find a round 1.03 with E color and S12 for $5,800. In your opinion...Excellent price? Good price? Satisfactory? A mistake to purchase? Thanks for any and all input...

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Is the diamond certed? What other information does the cert provide? Is the diamond round or fancy shaped. The certificate, cut and shape will all factor into the pricing.


Without knowing anything more about the diamond, it seems slightly overpriced. Besides getting to see the diamond in person, does it come with any other added value? Money back guarantee, upgrade policy, certificate, other reports? Maybe you can negotiate a bit.

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