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Diamond Stud Earings


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I'm looking to buy diamond stud earings for my fiance for xmas. Just recovering from being out of work (back surgery) for the last three years so funds are limited. I'm looking for something pleasing to the naked eye only. From what I've been reading and what ive seen in mall shopping, im leaning toward something like:


round brilliant cut

.4 - .5 ct

SI1 clarity

H - I color


I hoping to only have to spend between $400 - $700.



- Is my price range a reasonable expectation for the specs Ive provided?

- Where is it best to buy a small set like this? ie. is a department store like MACYS with upgrade policies and such a safe buy? or would i do better online?

- As to the "pleasing to the naked eye only" requirement, are my specs appropriate?

- can someone please recommend an online seller?

- Does anyone have any other suggestions or helpful tidbits?

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Assuming you mean 0.4-0.5cts EACH, your budget is too low or your specs are a too high. This combination leads to trouble because there are plenty of dealers who will simply sell you an inferior stone and call it whatever you wish. In this case, it will be pretty bad in order to get to your price point. Think I-3 clarity. If you mean 0.4-0.5 total weight, you’re in the ballpark although you probably going to have to compromise the specs just a little bit. Again, not everyone uses these grading terms in the same ways and it’s an easy trap to fall into when someone offers you ‘certified’ goods. For earring stones on a budget, I-1 clarity can do you pretty well and can get your size up quite a bit. H-I is a pretty good color range.


I’m not a big fan of the department store deals. The online dealers can generally run circles around them for prices. There’s a list of them at the top of the page called ‘find online jeweler’ and there are quite a few who participate in the forum but who don’t choose to advertise here. Read the advice people give and, when you find someone that seems to suit your fancy, contact them directly using the link at the bottom of the post.


Neil Beaty


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