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Okay my boyfriend is going to decide between these two rings for me tomorrow, which one is better:


First one: GIA graded, measurements 5.60 x5.41x3.98mm, weight 1.03, depth 73.6% table 78%, girdle is extremely thin to very thick, cutlet none, polish and symmetry are both good, clarity grade is vs1, color grade E, fluorescence none. $6,500


Second one: GIA graded, measurements 5.7x5.67x3.76mm, weight 1.01, depth 66% table 75%, girdle is medium to thick, cutlet none, polish and symmetry are both good, clarity grade is vvs2, color grade G, fluorescence none. $6,000


Okay what about the girdle and the depth difference, (basically the porportions) how big of deal is that between the two. Also what about the clarity and grade difference, which is better? Overall, which is a better ring, please explain? Which one should have the better sparkle?

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The best answer is which one looked best to you when you looked at them?? You get to wear this diamond for the rest of your life hopefully and it should be the one that speaks to you in some way..


But, if we are talking just hard numbers then both are outside of what is normally considered and ideal cut diamond, but the second one is closer and 'may' have a better look to it.. The difference in color from E to G is almost undetectable to most people so I wouldn't use that as a deciding factor unless you can see the differece..

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