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Expert Advice Needed

Guest fhuici

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I'm thinking about buying the following diamond and was hoping I can get some honest opinions.



Princess Cut

6.23 x 6.17 x 4.10mm

1.22 Carat


Depth 66.5

Table 76

Girdle very thin to slighty thick

culet none


polish very good

symmetry very good


clarity grade VSI

Color H

FL Faint


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Did you have a specific question about the diamond?


The "H" color is very white so the diamond shouldn't show any yellow when mounted. "VS1" means the stone has inclusions so few and so small you'll need a microscope to find them. The dimensions of 6.2mm are very large, especially for a 1.22ct princess cut. Polish & sym are above average. Table is on the large side but I don't personally find that a problem.


All in all it seems like a nice diamond.

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