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What do you recommend?


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I would like to know from the "Diamond Experts" what you consider to be the best quality diamond simmulant /cz on the market today.


I am going to purchase a diamond semi mount but cannot affort the center stone right away. I am looking for a top quality stone to use in the setting until I can afford a real diamond.


Can you please advise which company makes/sells the best quality stone. I am not looking for the least expensive. I am looking for one which will withstand everyday wear with minimal clouding, scratching,etc.


There are other forums where I could ask these questions but it will be answered by someone boasting that their product is "the ultimate". I truly would like to get the opinion of a diamond expert on this topic.


Thanks so much


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I'd go with a nice-looking hand-picked CZ. They are very cheap and will last you a good few years until you're ready to take the plunge on the real deal.


The other popular option is moissanite. Although more durable than CZ, in my opinion they don't look as nice and are also much more expensive than CZ.

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