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What is the best depth ratio for a Cushion cut?


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I saw on your website that the AGL is looking to define the "ideal" depth ratios for Fancy diamonds as they have for round diamonds. Do you know if these have been published or when they are coming out? If not, can you give me an idea of what the best ratio is for a: Cushion, Radiant and Oval diamond (2.5 - 3.0 carats).


Thank you

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As of today there are no published guidelines that define the "best" depth percentage for Cushion, Radiant or Oval diamonds.


It's easy to say "Look for diamonds with a depth percentage is the 60-69 range.", but even a statement like that would be a broad guideline - nothing more.


The numbers by themselves just aren't a good enough indicator and don't help to describe all of the aspects of a cushion that make it beautiful.


If I had a Cushion with a 65% depth and 55% table, would you be able to tell me if the corners were nicely rounded or more squarish? Does the diamond have big "chunky" facets like a vintage cushion or is it cut in the more modern style? Is the culet visible through the top of the diamond? Is there any shadowing or dark spots in the diamond?


In short, if you're buying a cushion online, I would suggest you focus on diamonds that have the color, clarity, size and price you want. You can almost ignore the proportions. Then contact a seller who is willing to examine 2-3 of your favorite diamonds side by side to help you pick the 'winner', regardless of the depth and table.


Best wishes,

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