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cracked diamond


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I recently got my temporary engagment ring and my fiance was aware of a feather in the diamond but after staring at it for hours I saw there was actually a crack that went half way across the diamond and went to the suface of the diamond. I can actually put my finger nail inside of the crack. I know that is what happens eventually with feathers but I was wondering if someone could tell me if we were pretty much screwed. The diamond is .75 and g or h in color My fiance thought he was getting a great deal because the store is going out of buisness and was in the last couple days of closing he paid about $750 which was suppose to be half off because of the closing plus some. Should I make a big deal out of this and get my money back? Im confused in what to do because I do love the ring regardless and I want to keep it.

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A good price on a 3/4 carat round diamond of fair make, color and clarity will run you about $2000 to $2500 give or take a couple hundred based on specifics..


It's very likely that it was an I1 or I2 clarity or took a sharp blow to crack it.. Or both.. Were you told what the clarity was??

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Ask the jeweler about it. Then get it appraised. Immediately.


You can then compare what the grader calls the clarity with what you were told in the sale. Take whatever paperwork the jeweler gave you to your appraisal appointment. Tell the appraiser what the issue is but don't show them the documentation until after they have had an opportunity to examine the stone and give you their thoughts about the grade. What you're describing is I3. This is not what eventually happens to all feathers and it's not a tiny detail. If what you got was I3 and what you were sold was SI, you should complain. Do it soon, before the store is history.


Neil Beaty


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