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Invisible set Diamond Semi Mount


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I have been looking at an invisible set diamond semi mount made by Mirage Creations Inc. I plan to buy the setting now and purchase the diamond next year sometime.




I would like to put a cz in the mount until I purchase my diamond. Jewellers are discouraging me from doing this due to possible problems with invisible setting when changing stones. Is this a real concern?


I have also been told that sizing of the ring in the future may be a problem and that it would have to be sent back to the manufacturer. ( 4-6 week turn around time). If anyone has had to do this, what has been your experience with the quality of the setting AFTER it was sized?


I have attached a photo of the semi mount I am looking at. Can someone please tell me what a "resonable" price would be for this setting? I have 4 jewellers getting back to me with quotes. I rarely pay what they are asking so I want to know approx how much "bargaining room" I will have to play with.



The specs are as follows:


33 Princess cut diamonds - total weight 2.0 ct

Colour: F

Clarity VS1



I would also like some feedback from anyone who has purchased a product from Mirage. Were you satisfied with service if you had a problem?


Thank you




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When setting a diamond the seats are cut to fit that stone exactly (well, they should be at least) and then the ring is polished to a final shine.. If you decide later to take the stone out and have a different set in there then the seats would need to be lowered at the least and then repolished, or the seats may need to be entirely recut..


If this ring had a removable head I would say go for it, but this style may present problems with resetting.. But, a good jeweler should be able to switch the stones for you when you are ready without and serious problems..


Sizing an invisibly set ring is another matter entirely.. Any movement at all of the channel walls could, and likely will, cause the stones to loosen.. And since each diamond is held in place by the one next to it bad things can happen very quickly.. Resizing a ring like this is not an every day thing.. It does require some skill and many people would prefer to send it back to the manufacturer to maintain the warranty.. But, like anything else, with a qualified bench jeweler it can be done..

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We made a decision a long time ago not to sell invisible set diamond rings. Why? Because we were warned by multiple manufacturers that they may become future "headaches" with lost diamonds.


As to the setting, would you consider a similar design with just a single row of channel set diamonds? We carry a style that you can at least price compare...




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Thank you both for the information you have provided. I am so confused right now because I really had my heart set on this semi mount.


James... the ring design you have shown me is very beautiful.. but I really love the "pizzaz" of the three rows of stones.


I guess I will have to keep looking for something similar which may be more "reliable" as far as construction is concerned. If anyone sees something similar which would make a better choice please post it here for me to see.


I live in Canada so I would have to order over the internet. As you can imagine, I am very nervous about doing that. On top of the price of the ring itself I will be required to pay currency exchange of 21 %, duty, brokerage fees and 15% sales tax when it crosses the border into Canada. This in itself can make my cost 1.5 times your selling price!



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Being in Canada and buying in the states makes your purchase more problematic should you have a problem.. Look locally and see if there is someone that feel comfortable working on invisibly set diamonds before you make the purchase..


As was said, invisibly set diamonds can be a real source of trouble should something go wrong.. They require a unique skillset from the jeweler much the same as tension settings.. But, I'm sure that we have both seen invisibly set rings that have lasted a long time with no problems at all..


I do recommend that you be more diligent in maintenance on this type of ring.. Take it in at least 2x a year just to have it looked at.. If something starts to lossen even a tiny bit, have it repaired immediatly.. I think you should buy what you love, just be aware of the possible problems in the future..



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