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Is this a good diamond to purchase for size?


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Could anyone tell me whether this is a good diamond purchase for an engagement ring, and whether I should go for a higher Color than I. The specifics are the following:


Carat: 1.85

Color: I

Clarity: VS2

Cut: Ideal - Hearts & Arrows

Cert/Report: GIA

Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Depth: 62%

Table: 57%

Fluorescence: None

Price: $13,200.

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The price is right. If it is really an Ideal Hearts and Arrows the I color should face beautifully. There may be a subtle hint of warmth from the side, but face up it will appear nice and white.


Has the vendor provided additional cut information and images to confirm the Ideal - Hearts and Arrows? You may want to ask for this since the diamond was graded VG/VG. Not to say it isn't gorgeous, but it isn't technically 'Ideal' with VG symmetry. If you are paying for an Ideal you should be sure that is what you are getting.


Congratulations on your upcoming engagement.

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The price is very fair and an "I" color will look great, but it is EXTREMELY unlikely that a diamond with "very good" symmetry is going to have a precise enough pattern to be "hearts & arrows".


With that said, I think h&a is a little bit overrated, so as long as the diamond checks out in every other respect it could still be a great selection.

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