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$3K Engagement Ring Advice


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Okay, so I've been reading here for a week or so and you guys are very helpful. Thanks. I would appreciate a little more help. Also read the tutorial.


I am in Chicago and looking for an engagement ring. I want to spend about $3k. I want the best quality--not the largest--round brilliant solitaire for the money.


I'm going crazy!


I've been in a bunch of the mall jewelry stores and though I could not normally care less about jewelry, even *I* can see the inclusions in some of the stones. I actually handed one back because I thought it had been chipped! Another loooked like it had black pepper inside! (Note: I think most of them were SI1 or VS2 none so far were GIA. Several were IGI or some other company. The best I've seen were EGL cert. at Ultra)


I know I'm not spending much. But can I buy something good at close to a three-quarter carat or should I step down in size?


I've gone round and round with myself on buying on the net and I've decided that while I could take myself down to jeweler's row and possibly get a better deal, I probably don't have the skill to get a better deal. Also, I care enough about the ring to judge based on the cold equations, but probably can't tell enough of the difference between close diamonds to make it necessary for me to see them.


This is what I was considering on bluenile.com:


Stock number: LD00965154


Carat weight: 0.70


Cut: Good


Color: G


Clarity: VS2



Depth %: 62.8%


Table %: 61%


Symmetry: Very good


Polish: Good


Girdle: Medium to thick, faceted


Culet: None


Fluorescence: Faint


Measurements: 5.59x5.66x3.53 mm


Comments: Pinpoints are not shown


Should I try to go for a "very good" cut?


Thanks again.

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A few points:


1. The diamonds you were looking at in Chicago were probably not VS2/SI1. The were much more likely SI2/I1. That would explain the crap you kept finding in the diamonds.


2. You're going to save a ton of cash by shopping online, not to mention save the sales tax. Since this is the case, why not chip in a few extra bucks and get a better cut? The diamond from bluenile is nice, but you can do better for the same money. I would suggest you try and find a diamond with "very good" or "excellent" symmetry and a depth percentage below 62%. Couple that with a smaller table and you'll have a knockout diamond.


3. Stick with GIA, period.


I hope this helps. Once all is said and done there is a guy named Richard Drucker in Northbrook I highly recommend who can check out your purchase and confirm the quality of your diamond and the value of your purchase.


All the best,

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Thanks, Jim!


I agree that maybe I am mistaken on the grading of the diamonds I've seen. Or maybe THEY are mistaken! LOL!


But help me out a little bit. How MUCH smaller a table is significant? How much less depth?


I have no basis for any of that.


I'm glad you think I'm close, but I'm not prepared to go more than a couple of hundred bucks higher, all in.


What about excellent symmetry, excellent polish, depth of 60.8 and a table of 57 all else pretty much the same or better?


Also, do you think a thin to medium girdle makes a big difference in the likelihood that the diamon will be damaged? Is thicker better?


I appreciate your help.

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My suggestion is this:


Depth 59.5-62.0%

Table 53-57%

Polish & Sym: Very Good or Excellent


The diamond you've quoted in your second post fits these guidelines exactly and is a great choice.


As to girdles, look for thin, medium, slightly thick or any of those combinations. Thin to medium is perfect.

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