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EGL and cut questions


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I had two seperate jewelers who I believe are reputable try and sell me diamonds which were certified by the EGL (european gemological lab). I was wondering if there was anything wrong with this lab and if so what was it.


Also I have been shown two different (in appearance) certificates for the same lab such as GIA and two different looking certificates for EGL. Is this common?


The stone I am looking at has the following on the certificate:

Asscher Cut

1.42 carat

EGL certified



table depth 65.9%

table width 63%

crown 10%

pavilion 54%

girdle thickness: thin, polished

grainy nil

Shape 6.48 x 6.36


it is selling for 8,800


is there anything wrong with this one?

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I think that the issues with EGL have been pretty well answered in a different thread, so I'll leave that out of the discusssion.


As to the diamond, the proportions seem very nice and the price is definitely "in the ballpark". A comparably graded diamond with a GIA report might be available through an online vendor for a few dollars more. If we adjust the possible grading difference and consider diamonds that are "H" in color and/or "SI1" in clarity then it might even be possible to locate a stone for the same amount (or even less).


Keep in mind that the fact that you've been able to view the diamond in person and possibly compare the stone side by side with other diamonds has great value. While I am personally a strong believer that "numbers" can help describe a diamond, nothing beats looking at diamonds in person, especially fancy shapes...


All the best,

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