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Is there anyhything wrong with an EGL cert?


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I had two seperate jewelers who I believe are reputable try and sell me diamonds which were certified by the EGL (european gemological lab). I was wondering if there was anything wrong with this lab and if so what was it.


Also I have been shown two different (in appearance) certificates for the same lab such as GIA and two different looking certificates for EGL. Is this common?

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EGL grading is often more lenient than GIA or AGS. For instance what EGL grades a VS2, the GIA or AGS might grade an SI1. Same with color, an EGL G is often (not always) more along the lines of a GIA or AGS H. Because of this you often find that EGL certed stones are priced lower than GIA or AGS stones of the same size, color and clarity.


In regards to the two different certificates, it may be that you were shown Diamond Dossier and Diamond Grading Reports. The difference being that a Dossier does not have an inclusion plot. Each lab offers several services (types of documents) with different amounts of information and at different costs.

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There is more than one company doing business under the name EGL and their reports look slightly different from one another. Also, each lab offers several different formatting options depending on what sort of service was purchased. Lastly, each lab occasionally changes their formatting from time to time. The GIA format from the 80’s looks quite a bit different from their current products.


Both EGL's as well as GIA have examples on their websites of what their current products look like.


Neil Beaty


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