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I would like to know the price of a diamond


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If that depth percentage is correct, the price should be a lot less than a better cut or even an average cut I/VS-2 3.00 carat diamond.


65.20 depth is very deep and will make the stone appear much smaller than it is.


My advice would be to do a little research on cut quality before buying a diamond of this size.

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If you do a search for a stone of those specs in the database (use the 'find online jeweler link at the top of the page to find it) you will notice that the stones have quite a range of prices. Now take a peak at the column of measurements. The range is 8.95mm to 9.46mm. This may seem like a tiny topic but, as Brian points out, you are paying a premium to get over 3 carats and you probably don't want to bury it in the depth and girdle thickness. Talk to your dealer and ask what they have with excellent or ideal cutting. You may discover that you can get a both a bigger looking and brighter stone for less money if you drop below the 3 carat mark and pay the premium for a spectacular cut instead of for the heavier weight.


It's also worth paying attention to the source of that grading data. The difference in price between VS2 and SI1 can be considerable as can the difference between an I and a J. Not all labs enjoy equal credibility.


Neil Beaty


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