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Visible Black dot in diamond


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If the jeweler provided you with an appraisal then you may not necessarily have any other documentation (like a lab certificate).


From what you've posted it sounds like he has graded the diamonds as "VS", or "Very Slightly Included" clarity. Diamonds that are VS clarity generally require magnification before you can see the inclusions. It is possible, however, that if you look VERY CLOSELY (especially from the bottom or side) that an inclusion could be seen.


It is also very possible that his grading of "VS" was, let's say liberal. This means that a more strict grading institution (such as the Gemological Institute of America) may have graded the diamond lower.


Is this a new purchase or something you've had for awhile?

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VS diamonds should not have eye visible inclusions. Go back to the jeweler and ask them to explain. It may be a piece of dirt on the back of the stone or it may be what is known as the 'bowtie' that you are seeing. In any case, the jeweler should be able to explain what you're seeing and to defend the VS grade. If they don't give you a satisfactory answer, seek out an independent appraisal and ask the same questions.


Neil Beaty


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Thank you all for your replies. This is a new purchase---a little over a month. I never saw this before and I just noticed it a couple of days ago. I hope that it is a piece of dirt or something...because it is quite visible--even from a foot away. We are going to go to the jewelrer this weekend.

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Hi rrebekah,


Don't get too excited yet.


It is possible that your diamond simply has a film on the back of the diamond which can make a VS type inclusion visible to the eye.


In which cases, a good cleaning can make it "disappear"


This film developing on the back of diamonds is very common as the oils from lotions, shampoos, etc. have an affinity for diamonds and is not easily removed from the back of the diamond.


This film may not even be noticible to you.


Bottom line, withhold judgement until you go to the jeweler and let them clean the ring for you.

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