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Diamond quality and worth


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I am not sure if this is the place, I can get the information, I am looking for...


I have purchased two Diamond Rings without any prior knowledge of the diamond quality and its worth.It would be of great help, if anyone can tell me their quality and how much price it could be.


Please find the details below:

1. H-I Color 0.55 ctw Genuine Diamonds Ring Well Made in Solid 14k White Gold 7.4 Grams(Shape-Mixed,Color-HI,Clarity-I1-I2)

2. 0.25ctw Diamond Solid 10K Yellow Gold Ring 1.9 Grams.(Shape-Round,Color-IJ,Clarity-SI2-I1)





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There is nowhere near enough information to give a useful opinion of value. I see descriptions like that go for very low prices on ebay and similar auction sites. You may be able to use the completed auction search feature on ebay to see if something similar to what you have has been sold recently and can then make an estimate of how yours might be similar or different.


Neil Beaty


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The 'original' or 'compare' price is completely irrelevant. This was included purely for purposes of deception. Price tags are cheap and it's easy to write any number they choose on one. It's no better to write this number on a document that they call an appraisal by the way. The important number in your situation is the transaction price for your and similar deals. With many of the auction sites, they make it possible for you to look up previous sales of similar items and see what the closing price was. This is a much more useful number although it too can lead to truble because without examining the product it's very difficult to tell if it really is comparable. Details make a big difference.


'True worth' is kind of a difficult concept to nail down. The same thing can bring a different price in different situations. If you're wondering if you paid a fair price for it, compare what you paid to what you would have paid for a similar alternative. What does that site charge (meaning what do they actually get) for other similar things? What are people getting on other sites like it? What do the stores in your neighborhood charge? It's worth noting that some stores are pretty bad about this sort of pricing scheme as well. They will put a 'regular' price on the tag and then have sales where they are offering up to 95% discounts for some special reason. That's fine, but if no one ever actually pays the stated price, is it really the price? If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?


Are your rings worth it? I have no way to tell. I can see neither the rings or the comparables. In general, $65 rings are usually worth $65, even when the seller says that you can compare them to others that supposedly cost $6,000.


Neil Beaty


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