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price for Lazare Kaplan Cut


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Want to know if these were good prices.


.78 ct Lazare Kaplan cut. H for color, SI1 =$4207


These were not Lazare Kaplan but where either high or very high on the light return test (3 tests for fire, sparkle, and something else)


.92 ct 6.1mm G/SI1 and rated 3 on the cut scale=$5200


.79 ct 5.8mm G/SI1 and rated 1 on the cut scale=$5928


Which of these are the best deals if any and what could I expect to pay if not a good deal. Thanks in advance.



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Those prices are pretty high. I checked online and found unbranded, Ideal cut stones at prices that were a thousand to fifteen hundred less than what you've been quoted.


Granted, there is value in the Lazare name as well as the fact that you get to see these stones in person and work through a local company. Still, I would at least try and negotiate a bit on those numbers.


Best of luck,

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Kaplan is a premium brand and they generally sell for premium prices in stores that offer quite a bit in the way of added services and support. They have competitors that are generally less expensive if you don't attach vaue to the Kaplan brand.


The cut scale you are describing is probably the pre-2005 AGS system. It awards good scores for specific measurements and angles and ranks the results on a scale from 0-10. AGS-0 is what most people use as the definition of 'ideal' although there are other choices. The Kaplan stone is almost certainly an AGS-0 although you didn't list it as such. Non-Kaplan AGS-0 stones will still sell for a premium but most will be less than the Kaplan brand.


The light return test that they showed you sounds like a brilliancescope. This has nothing to do with Kaplan or even that AGS grading scale. There are stones that do well on this test that rank poorly on the AGS scale and visa versa. There are quite a few dealers, including several regulars on this forum who sell using this tool. The manufacturer at www.gemex.com can help you find one in your neighborhood or you can do a search of the forum using the box at the bottom to find dealers who use it. Barry and Jan come to mind as regulars here who use it.


Neil Beaty


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