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Emerald Cut Specs vs Value - Help


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Hi Everyone:


I have been doing some research and have the opportunity to buy an emerald cut diamond but have a question about it's overall specs and value.



3.10 Carats


J Color

Flouresence = Medium

L to W = 1.3

Table & Depth are 64 & 65 %


All specs seem ok to me. I am not concerned about the 1.3 L to W which is a little short for an emeral cut but I prefer the shorter vs longer emerald cuts.


The color is my real issue. I have researched and everyone says you should get G or better for emerald cut because the color will show more readily. Looking at the stone it appears very white. Some of my research indicates that having the flouresence will counteract the color and is probably why it looks whiter. Is this the case? Is there another negative to having the flouresence that I'm not aware of?


The stone can be purchased for 13K. It is a local purchase not from the internet.


Any advice would be helpful.




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Since it is a local purchase, why not ask the jeweler to bring out a similar stone with a higher color grade, so you can visually compare the difference.


One of the issues with fluorescence is that you sometimes get a 'milky white' effect. You may be seeing that. When you do your comparison, try to look at a stone with no fluorescence so you can compare this effect as well.

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There is nothing wrong with a "J" emerald cut. I've seen and sold many and everyone has been gorgeous. Does the diamond have a GIA report, though? 13K for a nice cut 3.10 J-VS2 sounds, well, too good to be true...


Medium fluorescence might be making the stone look a tad whiter and would be a bonus in my book. The milky white effect is seen in some "strong" blue stones but is almost non-existant in "medium", so I wouldn't be too worried in this instance. Furthermore Ben's suggestion to compare the diamond side by side with a nonfluorescent or higher color diamond is good advise.


Let us know about that GIA report. It has a big effect on the value of the diamond...

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