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Are these Diamond Earrings priced right?


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Sorry for starting a new post but I wanted to draw more attention to this because I have new inoformation.


Have a chance to purchase a pair of G.I.A. reported 2 ct. total weight diamond stud earrings "martini" platinum mounted. The diamonds are JVS2 quality, Ideal cut and 6.45 diameter with 61% depth. I can purchase the earrings for $7,000.00. Does this sound like a good deal?


Thanks for any and all information. Sorry again for the repeat.

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That sounds like an amazing deal. Some might think it's too good to be true. If the diamonds are GIA graded and are accompanied by a Sarin or OGI report (or other technology) confirming the "ideal" proportion parameters, then I would say "go for it". For peace of mind, I would get them independently appraised. You may want to check the return policy with your vendor to make sure you have enough time to do this. Martini settings are great. They have become our most popular earring style. They are sleek and stylish.


Good luck and enjoy your new earrings.

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This may indeed be a terrific deal but pay attention to the details. GIA graded stones should have an individual report for each stone and it would be unusual for the salesperson to discuss only the total weight in such a case. You can use these reports to shop them against similar stones available elsewhere. Two stones of 1.00 cts each is not the same as 1 stone of 0.95cts and one of 1.05cts for example. The difference between a GIA gem trade laboratory report and a report from a GIA trained gemologist can be very important. As George and Jim have both mentioned, confirming the claim of idealness, clarity, color and even weight can be pretty important to decideing if you should be buying these or not. Is this a private seller or a dealer?


Neil Beaty


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