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Wisps on the diamond, worried, please advise :un


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Good morning to all,


I found a diamond with the following characteritics, it 's got a Wisp across the table area. Should I be worried about that? Will that wisp get larger and larger? Is that going to be noticable to the naked eye?



1 carat


62.5% depth

57% table

Thin to slightly thick faceted on culet

good on polish and symmetry

none on fluorescence

6.4 - 6.45 X 4.02 mm


Price $5600


Overall, is this a good buy or not? please advise. THank you


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We've sold many diamonds that were either SI2 or I1 that had wisps and no one has ever reported a problem. I can't say if you'll be able to see the inclusions with your eye, nor can anyone else for that matter. It will depend on the specific inclusions in the diamond, the lighting, your vision, etc. If you can see something, however, it'll probably be very subtle and blend with the diamond.


You can ask the seller to email you actual photographs of the diamond, although they often tend to make inclusions look worse than they really are! Otherwise just make sure you have a solid return period in case you're not happy.

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