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Fluorescence question


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We put a down payment (hold) on a .92 carat diamond, Ideal cut, Color I with flourescence. I assume it has "strong" flourescence b/c it was very blue compared to an F Hearts on Fire diamond (which had none). And the price is in the $7000 range. Both the Hearts on Fire and the flour. one had the fire bursts and hearts under the microscope, both ideal in cut and size. Is that price a bit high considering the flour.? Everything I read about flour. diamonds is quite negative. I realize the color is enhanced, the jeweler explained this but I have the feeling that this diamond is over priced. It did look clearer and whiter than the F Hearts on Fire, which really surprised us. It suprised the jeweler too, I don't think they were giving us a line, but we fell in love with the diamond regardless of the flour. in it. Thoughts on this at all? I want to be proud of this diamond, and not have reservations that others or the jeweler will mumble if they know about the flour. I don't care what others think, but I can't help it especially spending this kind of money or more... Thanks!

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7K does sound high, but if not this is a B&M jeweler.


As far as fluorescence is concerned, read this research study done by GIA.




It is the definitive and last word on diamond fluorescence.

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If You know a little more about the stone, especially the clarity, you can look up a stone with the ‘find an online jeweler’ button near the top of the page. Even if you aren’t planning on buying anything online, this will give you an idea what similar stones cost in a very competitive marketplace. Some jewelers add quite a bit to the whole deal and they deserve their premium while others don’t provide much for that extra money.


The fluorescence question has also been discussed here. http://www.diamond.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=2021


Neil Beaty


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