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Is this Diamond Overpriced?


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I am looking into purchasing a diamond which is a Lazare round Ideal cut .46 carot, H, SI2, in a 19 k white gold setting with .13 k worth of diamonds in the band part of it. The price I've been quoted is $3800 (Canadian $$ this is, since I am in Canada). It is part of the Lumina class as well.


I don't have the exact specs such as Culet, Table, Depth, etc..., but was just wondering if anyone could give me some input based on the clarity, color, size and other info I have provided above, as to whether or not I am being quoted too high of a price or not. From what I have seen on the net, it looks like I have been, but would love to get some other people's opinions.



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Just a simple arithmetics:

Your option is .46 + .13 = .59 carat total weight. The gold, even it's 19K, will cost a hundred or two (except if it is an antique or exclusive fancy artwork). So, $3800 - $200 = $3600. Then, $3600/0.59 = $6101.69 per carat.


I assume that sellers at this forum could think otherwise, but in my, buyer's opinion six thousand (even canadian) $$ per carat is toooooo much for an SI2 half carat stone.


You can check the prices at Froogle: http://froogle.google.com/froogle?scoring=...2+loose+diamond

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