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Is this a well cut diamond?


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Hihi experts .:).


I'm an amateur consumer in this diamond industry, recently my fiance proposed with a round brilliant diamond and I literally melted and said yes...


However, I would like to find out whether the stone is well cut as this diamond was GIa certified on 1st april 2005.


Measurements: 6.29-6.34 *4.08mm

Weight 1.02 carat


Depth: 64.6%

Tabel: 54&

Girdle: Slightly thick to thick, faceted

Culet: None


Polish: good

Symmetry: very good

Clarity grade: VVS2

Color Grade: F

Fluorescence: None

2 very small pinpoints and one cloud at the side from top view.

one natural green line at the side from bottom view.


My Fiance said the rapaport report was 96 for the diamond and he bought it for USD7861, so I'm wondering did he actually get a well-cut diamond considering the colour and clarity are quite good for me...


Thank you so much and have a nice weekend .^_*.

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No. Much too deep. The millimeter measurements are for a .90 carat stone.


The cutter squeezed this diamond to make the 1 carat mark and thus be able to charge more. Much of the weight is in the girdle and pavillion. He paid more money for less diamond.


Because of the excessive depth, this stone no doubt takes a hit on light performance.

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Cut information is not included on the GIA lab reports. There is not information here to make any considered estimation about either light performance or the overall beauty of the stone. If you really want an informed opinion about the cutting, seek out a professional appraisal from someone with the tools and experience to answer your questions thoughtfully.


Neil Beaty


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Question was: "Is it a well cut diamond"?


True, GIA does not yet provide Cut ratings on it's Reports, ( that will be introduced on Jan. 1, 2006), but there is still enough information on the current report, i.e,; Total Depth % and millimeter measurements to clearly indicate that the diamond is not "well cut".


These two indices show that the diamond actually looks and measures for a .90 carat stone and that the manufacturer has cut a "steep" stone in order to maximize yield at the expense of proper proportion and light performance. As the price differential between a .90 to a 1 carat is in the range of 10-15%, buying these kinds of "squeezed" diamonds will result in the consumer paying more money for less diamond.


Place this 1.02 next a correctly proportioned .90 carat stone and the .90 carat diamond will look bigger, to the extent that people will call the .90 a carat size and the 1.02 a

".80-.90" size.


Be your own appraiser and place your diamond next to a properly proportioned 1 carat diamond that measures from 6.45 to 6.5 millimeters with a total depth not exceeding 62%, thin to slightly thick girdle, and see for yourself which diamond looks bigger.

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oh well... thanks for the advice... kinda sad now... ;)

but no worries, it's still quite shiny to me gee... guess i just have to accept it as his pledge of love for me and look on the bright side of it rather than the imperfectly cut of the love diamond :P cos i really wanna marry him hee...

Thank you all expert once again and enjoy ur day :lol:

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