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Please set expectation for me


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I am going tonight to a loose diamond dealer. He is a trusted friend of our family and has hooked up alot of people I know with diamonds. I have about $3000 to spend on a diamond.


What am I expect to be able to get assuming I want atleast a SI1 and G-I colour? .60 ct? .70ct? etc...



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Spend some time playing with the database at the top of the page under the button called 'find an online jeweler'. Even if you don't have any interest on buying online, this is a quick way to try out different combinations of of some of the variables and get a feel for what things cost in a highly competitive market and how the expected prices change when you change one variable or another. Bear in mind that the best stones aren't usually the cheapest within any particular range but this is a pretty good place to get an idea what you can expect.


Neil Beaty


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