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Selling A Diamond


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First, take it to a jeweler in your neighborhood and get them to confirm that what you have is really a diamond. Most will do this for free.


You need to have a better description. The easiest way for NYC people to do this is to visit EGL and get a consultation. www.eglusa.com. These don’t have the best reputation in the industry but they give you something to go on and they are fast and relatively inexpensive. You will then need to decide if you are going to sell to a dealer or a consumer. Dealers are faster and less hassle but consumers pay better. It depends on how you value your time. “Consultation” is the name EGL uses for their least expensive document that contains weight, color and clarity. With this, you will have at least something to base your asking price on without depending on the buyer to tell you what it’s worth. I think these cost about $60 but I’m not really sure. Ring them up and ask them.


I’m recommending EGL-USA because this is probably not going to end up a terribly expensive stone and the cost of a GIA exam is going to be significantly more. If you sell to a dealer, it won’t make all that much difference and if you sell to a consumer they won’t be able to charge enough extra to make up for the GIA fee.


This is a pretty different situation from the one discussed in the FAQ and the advice in that thread, although interesting, doesn’t really apply here.


Neil Beaty


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