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Did I get a decent deal for a GIA diamond?


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Hi All,



I'm new to this whole buying engagement ring process. I went to the diamond store & I got a quote for this diamond. I like to know what you all think? Is it a decent deal? According to the salesperson it's a GIA certified diamond. Here is the info I wrote down from the report the salesperson showed me.


Shape: Round

Measurement: 6.38 - 6.49 x 3.93 mm

Weight: 1.00 carat

Depth: 61.1 %

Table: 58 %

Girdlge: Medium, Faceted

Culet: None

Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Very Good

Clarity: VS1

Color: G

Fluorescence: None


The price after some hours of talking is $6240 for the diamond itself.


Thank you all in advance!

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