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Is the "Trillion" cut a quality shape?


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My fiancee' and I were looking for rings and we happened upon a yellow-gold ring with a 1-carat trillion cut stone. Having never seen one, I would like to know if a stone might be cut in this manner for a particular reason(to hide a flaw, a lower quality stone,etc.), and also if this shape might detract from the value. Any other information about this shape you might share with us would be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much for your time, Regards, Randall Hineline

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Randall, the trillion is just one of the many shapes available. They are not of any lesser quality than any other shape -- this is akin to saying that a green shirt is of lesser quality than a yellow shirt. They're just different shapes. Just as if you were buying a shirt, choose the shape that pleases you most.

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Trillions are cut only when the shape of a rough crystal lends itself to nothing else. As Jan says, they are very shallow and tend to lose their brilliance as soon as they get anything close to dirty. Trillions make great side diamonds (especially for princess cuts) but are not the usual choice for a center diamond.


With that said, if you like the look then no one elses opinion really matters. I have to imagine that the diamond looked absolutely HUGE for it's size, so at the very least you'll get a massive look for less money.

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