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Most of the department and big-box style stores in the US sell IGI graded goods and they should be happy to show you different stones and discuss their pricing. That's a pretty narrow set of requirements, have you been offered a stone by someone and you're checking to see if they are charging an appropriate price? By the way, ignore the 'appraisal' that sometimes accompanies an IGI graded stone unless you fully understand what they are describing. These documents are the root of a tremendous amount of confusion.


Stones graded by IGI tend to sell at a discount when compared to stones graded by other labs because their grading scales are not the same. GIA and IGI do not mean the same thing when they call a stone VS1-E. The big labs offer a more expensive service and they don't usually see 0.20ct stones so there may be no basis to compare the one you're looking at with a GIA or AGS graded stone and you wouldn't like the price even if they were available. Many dealers will have in-house gemologists who can assist you with this sort of purchase. I recommend them. This will be more useful for you than an IGI report.


Neil Beaty


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