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HRD Lab vs. GIA


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I'm familiar with the GIA Labs in the US, but not familiar with HRD out of Belgium. I'm dealing with 2 different diamond dealers, one believes only in GIA and the other deals with HRD as well as GIA. What are your feelings on HRD and what do you know about them? Am I better off sticking with GIA certified diamonds?



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Hi pamc,


The HRD (Diamond High Council or Hoge Raad vor Diamant) is the main lab in Antwerp. Unfortunately it is not widely recognized in the US. The dealer who has these probably bought his goods in Belgium and is trying to sell them without going through the additional expense of sending them to the GIA or AGS. There is nothing really wrong with the HRD now, but they used to have a reputation of being very industry friendly. The advantage of buying a stone with a GIA or AGS report is that you are assured that the standards are the same from seller to seller.


I hope this helps.



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GIA is the number one, most respected laboratory in the world. Any diamond submitted to GIA is ensured to have reliable and consistent grading. Anywhere from 3-6 separate gemologists will individually grade each and every diamond for an accurate final grade. GIA grading reports have been considered to be a hallmark of integrity throughout the diamond world.


I'm sure that HRD is a respectable laboratory in their own right. However, most customers prefer GIA grading reports when purchasing a loose diamond. Hopefully this helps. Good luck....

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Josh and George


Thank you both for responding to my email - I greatly appreciate your input! I ended up going with the jeweler that deals with GIA. For a little bit more in price, I have total piece of mind, and that you can't put a price on!!!


I lost my engagement ring on the beach in August and that is what I am replacing. It's been tough to pick out a new ring (nothing will replace my 1st), so I wanted to make the wisest choice, because hopefully I won't have to do this again! The diamond and setting that I picked out is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to pick it up on Saturday!


Thank you again for your advice!



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