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Hi. I am new to this, so forgive me if this is a "bad" question. I notice that there are serveral gem labs that are used. Is the Gemological Appraisal Laboratory of America a reputable lab? Also, is anyone familiar with Perfect Jewel Sellers, Inc.?


They have a ring that I found on e-bay and have included a GAL lab report.


Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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THE BIG THREE. (most prefered is GIA)



GIA is the number one, most respected laboratory in the world. Any diamond submitted to GIA is ensured to have reliable and consistent grading. Anywhere from 3-6 separate gemologists will individually grade each and every diamond for an accurate final grade. GIA grading reports have been considered to be a hallmark of integrity throughout the diamond world. GIA issues two separate types of reports. One of the more common reports is the full issued GIA document, which will have the full description of the diamond as well as a plotting of the grade setting clarity characteristics of that stone. This report is generally used for diamonds 1.00ct and above. The second type of report issued through GIA is the Dossier, which is typically done on diamonds under a carat. The GIA Dossier will have the full individual details of each diamond graded, however the plotting which is normally seen on a report, has been replaced by a laser inscription registry number. This number has been laser inscribed on the diamond’s girdle allowing for verification of the stone without a mapping of inclusions. This has allowed GIA not only to save money on issuing full reports on smaller diamonds but has also saved the necessary time needed in plotting a stone’s diagram.




AGS is known through out the diamond industry as grading top-notch ideal cut round diamonds. Their high standards surpass those of any other grading laboratory when considering color and clarity as well as cut. If a diamond has been grading by AGS, it has meet the standards of what is considered the perfect proportions, polish, and symmetry; and has been given a grade of “ideal” or a “000” rating. AGS Ideal cut round diamonds are highly sought after in today’s market.




Another diamond grading laboratory is the European Gemological Institute (EGL). EGL has two separate branches that grade diamonds know as EGL USA and EGL Antwerp. EGL is one of the largest and oldest grading laboratories for loose diamonds and is well respected through out the diamond industry, however, EGL has been considered not to be as strict as GIA or AGS. These differences most commonly occur between color and clarity however it is rare for EGL and GIA to be more than one grade apart. If an EGL diamond has been priced as simply “Too good to be true” you should be especially critical of the color and clarity grade. Our sales associates will always inform you of what the GIA grade for a specific diamond may be.

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