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Hi I am making a diamond purchase within the next 3 months and I am looking to purchase a 0.5- 0.6 caret princess engagement ring. I have gone to a few jewelry stores to check prices and have noticed they had lower quality stones, I color, SI2, and were selling for $2,000 to $2,600. I next looked on the internet and noticed better quality stones at more reasonable prices. Is there any recommendations for internet websites where I could purchase loose diamonds? I am thinking about purchasing a loose diamond and having it set in in my own style ring. I looked at one website diamonds.com is there other websites or companys you would recommend? Thank you

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Diamonds.com has serious competition. You will notice that several of the regular posters here are diamond dealers and they have a link to their stores at the foot of their posts. There is also an assortment of them that advertise under the ‘find an online jeweler’ button at the top of the page.


Neil Beaty


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there *seems* to be two large sites that are commonly recommended/used:






other than that, there are several 'smaller' sites around. i'm more comfortable going with the larger sites, that have more reviews here and there to attest to people being comfortable with them. that's why i went with uniondiamond.com (i'd suggest calling them once you get a good idea of what you're looking for, and then you can get one of the sales people to look around for exactly what you're looking for....that's how i did it, and i'm QUITE happy with the results)



now...i've only been looking around for a couple months, so i'm certainly no expert. take my input with a grain of salt.

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Internet dealers, across the board, are going to be less expensive than most traditional jewelry store. You'll have to balance the cost savings on the internet (which can be substantial) against the extra services you may receive with a local shop.


If you decide that the cost savings are significant enough to warrant an online purchase (which many people do) then just make sure you work with online vendors that have reasonable return periods, solid reputations and when possible actual photo's or "hands-on" information about the diamonds.


Best of luck!

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I was shopping for my brother and now am about to buy something myself. Here is what I have found doing that research:


Since I'm not an expert and not in the industry, I can't check the quality of a diamond, even if I got a 10x magnifying glass. So, I have to look for diamonds with GIA or EGL or other reputable labs certificate. About what each parameter in the certificate means you can easily find online.


You don't have to worry about security. Online market is dangerous more for sellers rather then for buyers. Your credit card company or/and Paypal defend you enough against frauds.


A major concern, in my very own opinion, is so-called virtual diamonds. Those are diamonds listed in special systems specially designed for supporting online stores. Virtual diamonds stores - I would call them. Such stores don't have their own inventories. They sell other's products. Therefore since they don't have control on the products they sell, the service leaves much to be desired. And that is not their fault. And that is not the fault of their suppliers. It's production costs of the virtual diamonds market. You can tell a virtual store from a real one easily: virtual stores usually have huge inventory as if they are a big well-known nation-wide chain like Tiffany or Zales but offer you yummy prices as if they are a basement-office operated business. I don't have anything against home-operated family businesses. They often do great job and their service is usually better then the service of huge corporations. But how can a small family operated jewelry store have an inventory of thousands of carats of diamonds? But again, this is my own opinion. I may be wrong.

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