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We are dealing with a diamond broker who presently has found two diamonds that he is recommending.


1. 1.07 ct, H, SI2. Cost: $7,570


2. 1.04 ct, G SI2. Cost: $7,660


What other questions should we be asking? Also are the prices above in line with the information we have currently?

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Here's a few questions:


#1) What is your return policy?

If they have a no returns policy, don’t bother to ask any more questions. Politely thank them for their time and walk away. What you want is 100% right of return for at least 7 days for any reason whatsoever.


#2) Where did this grading information come from?

What you want is a lab report issued by the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory. A report from AGS Lab is a good alternative. Any other source should be considered a recommendation, nothing more. Any answer to this question should be taken with a grain of salt but some require a whole lot more salt than others.


#3) What is the quality of the cut?

They’ll say it’s great. Fine. Get them to explain in detail what they mean by this answer. The more thorough an answer they give to this the better. Sarin reports, Brilliancescope reports, Idealscope and similar images are all good. In each case, get them to persuade you why you should care about that particular metric. Stating that it’s ‘ideal cut’ without backing this up or even explaining what they mean by this term should not be sufficient. There is quite a bit of debate going on about what constitutes the best cut and how best to demonstrate it but everyone who is serious about it can give a defense of their own methods. The bad dealers don’t even understand the question, much less have an articulate answer. The good ones are thrilled to talk about this subject.


#4) Why should I buy this diamond from you instead of buying one from your competition?

There are lots of diamond dealers out there and they aren’t all offering the same things.

Some have trade in programs, warranties, financing, access to certain designers, etc. Make sure that what they have to offer is what you want. If all they have to say is “because we’re the cheapest”, be very nervous. It's simply not true and if this is all they have to say, they probably aren't providing much in exchange for the premium prices they're asking.


Neil Beaty


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