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Ideal ring box?


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I've only discovered this site the last few weeks, and I'm female, so I'm a littlte out of place, but ...


What if you just kept the ugly box for storage, and gave her the ring without it? A black velvet bag, or out of your pocket?


Once you've given it to her, it's hardly ever going to come off.


Just my (female) opinion, for what its worth!

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In that case, I'll tell you my two jewelry storage tricks:


First is that boxes take up a lot of room in my jewelry drawer. So, I use the boxes for "volume" jewelry -- things that I can combine in one box,that won't damage each other -- and for my real pearl necklaces and earrings. They can be damaged by bumping up against things. For everything else, I use velvet bags or little silk oriental looking envelope type things, that i buy in the 30s on 6th Ave (I live in NYC). They come in muliple patterns/colors, are pretty, and store flat, so they take up less room in my jewelry drawer.


Second, is if you go into most neighborhood jewelers and explain that you've either lost a jewelry box or want a new one because the old one is ugly, they'll generally give you one for no fee or for a nominal fee.



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Buy her a very nice jewelry box, a real wood with many drawers and places to put things jewelry box, and put the ring in it.. Then wrap the box and give it to her..


Ther are a few guys online that make amazing boxes by hand..






are just a few..



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I don't blame you for being concerned... there are some real turkeys out there!!


I remember seeing or hearing something about a talking ring box.


You can record a message, and then when you open it, the box plays it back. It's a bit of a gimmick, but with the right message, I suppose it can add a nice giggle when you 'pop the question'.

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