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Enhanced Diamonds


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I met with a Jeweler who showed me a three stone diamond ring with a total of ctw wt of 2.5 ctw. The ring had three stones, one large center stone at 2.14ctw and two biggets - one on each side and all set in an 18k silver gold band. The cost of the ring was very attractive at $6400. I asked this Jeweler why this ring is priced so good. He told me that the ring has been enhanced and that he used a lazer to drill out some of the imperfections in the ring. I'm wondering what you can tell me about this process and whether this is ok to do or not? Also, so you think this ring is really worth $6400 now that this has been done? The Jeweler told me that if this ring had not had this process done and looked as good as it does now, it would be worth approx $15 to $20k.


Thank you.

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Diamond enhancements are specific treatments, performed on natural diamonds, which are designed to improve the gemological characteristics — and therefore the value — of the stone in one or more ways. These include clarity treatments such as laser drilling to remove inclusions, application of sealants to fill cracks, color treatments to improve a white diamond's color grade, and treatments to give fancy color to a white or off-color diamond. Diamonds which are chosen for treatment are usually those that would be otherwise difficult to sell as gem diamonds, where inclusions or fractures noticeably detract from the beauty of the diamond to even casual observers.


I found this at


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Enhanced diamonds are a completely different market. Don’t be confused about what a similar looking untreated stone might cost, it’s not relevant to the issue. If you want a drilled and filled stone, compare it other similarly enhanced stones. You’re buying a Hyundai and the salesman is telling you that a Ferrari in the same color would be more expensive. True enough, but so what? There’s nothing wrong with Hyundai’s fine products but they simply are not the same thing.


It’s also worth noting that they aren’t graded on the same grading scales and the labs that grade them have their own ways of doing things.


Do some homework before you buy a Clarity Enhanced diamond to be sure that you’re getting what you want. They aren’t for everyone and the marketplace is full of sharks.


You can learn more about them at www.yehuda.com. A visit to www.google.com may also prove to be useful.


Neil Beaty


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Nothing wrong with laser drilling as it does not affect the structural integrity of the diamond.


Due to a celebrated contretemps between a consumer and 47th Street jeweler, the FTC felt compelled to step in and promulgate a rule that laser treament had to be disclosed. It thereafter fell into some disrepute, underservedly so, IMO.


Sealing and filling fractures is a whole other ballgame and despite all of the protestations by these vendors, is IMO, an accident waiting to happen. My advice is to STAY AWAY

from these types of enhanced diamonds. You're throwing your money out.

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I would rather say Hyundai is like a cubic zirconia or even a faceted piece of glass. Because "enhanced diamonds are totally natural and come from the same diamond mines as all other diamonds", as it is stated at Yehuda.com. I'd add ...but "slightly" imperfect. Such slightly that it's commercially more profitable to enhance them in lab. To continue denverappraiser's apt picturesque analogy I'd say enhanced diamonds are like a totaled and then restored Ferrari. It looks good, it runs well, but it doesn't have its previous value. It's just a completely different market. I agree.

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