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Advice and Help with Pricing Please!


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Hello Everyone,


I am new to this forum and have found the information on here extremely valuable in my search for the right diamond.


In my initial search, I was looking for something in the neighbourhood of 1.50 carats, D-E colour, SI1-S12 clarity, very good cut. Let me also mention that I live in Toronto, and have been going to almost every wholesaler in the city. Reputable wholesalers in Toronto have diamonds with GemScan certificates (Canadian Grading Lab). These certificates look alittle different from GIAs in that they report based on Colour, Clarity, Size, Cut, and also have the dimensions of the stone. I have done some research and have come to find that GemScan is considered to be legit (checked with Better Business Beaurea). Now that I have the background out of the way...on to the point.


I am strongly considering going with a Jeweler that has sold diamonds to at least 4 diamonds to different members of my family. Everyone seems to be happy with their purchases, and his prices seem to be close to some other competitive pricing that I found. In his search for a few diamonds, he showed me quite a few stones that became available. We narrowed it down to a few and I ended up falling in love with a stone that slightly exceeds my budget ($12,000 - $13,000 Canadian).


The stone I am strongly considering is a 1.82, D colour, SI2, Very Good Cut, (dimension to follow as I don't have them on me at the moment). When looking at the stone with the naked eye, I have a difficult time noticing any inclusions. When looking at it under magnification, there are tiny dots/inclusions spread out (some closer to the sides, and some closer to the middle). When looking at it beside a 1.51, H, SI1 (looked closer to a VS2 as I couldn't really find much under magnification), the sparkle looked to be comparable. The smaller stone with better clarity did sparkle abit more, however, the bigger stone looked much better to me for the following reasons:


D colour - looked very white/icy compared to the H

S12 clarity - although there was more to see under magnification, it definately did not affect the sparkle and shine of the stone.

SIZE - I just loved the size - 1.82. I didn't think .32 would be noticeable but it is.


The price that I have right now for the 1.82, D colour, SI2, Very Good Cut, (dimensions to come as soon as I find them at home) is $14,000 Canadian. This includes a white gold channel setting with approximately .6 - .7 total in small princess cuts on the sides (4-5 princess cuts on each side of centre stone).


Considering I have been quoted $11,000 (just the diamond) by many wholesalers (I know they are not certainly giving me wholesale price) for a 1.50, D colour, SI2, I figured that $12,500 for the 1.82, D, S12, VG cut, and $1,500 for the setting is worth the extra money. In the grand scheme of things, I am probably going about $1,500 over what I was looking to spend. But then again, there is nothing I would love more than giving the love of my life a 1.82, when she probably is only expecting a 1.00 - 1.25.


I feel extremely confortable with this Jeweler, but wanted everyone's opinion on whether or not this is money well spent.


Is this a fair price?

Should I be getting a better stone and setting for $14,000 Canadian?


Thanks for putting up with such a long-winded post, but this is an extremely large purchase. From researching this site, I have great faith in the advise that you all give amongst each other.




Steve "soon to have a much lighter wallet" P

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It's a little bit difficult to give you a definitive "yes/no" to your "Is this a fair price?" question for a few reasons.


The prices you're quoting us are in Canadian, the diamond isn't graded by GIA, you don't have much of the proportion information for the diamond, we don't know exact value of the setting, etc. and so on...


What I can say, however, is that you seem to have done your homework, shopped around quite a bit locally and, most importantly, seem REALLY EXCITED about this diamond!


My advise is to do what you already plan on doing - buy the 1.82 and give the woman you love something she'll treasure for a lifetime...

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It sounds like you've done all the research. You didn't mention anything about the cut quality, but I have to assume that you've covered that as well. As JamesAllen mentions, it's difficult to pinpoint exactly whether "this is a good price" but it does sound like you're within ballpark.


Congratulations, and go for it!

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