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Dear experts,


could you give me please a recommendation how much the following diamonds be allowed to cost?


twin diamonds :


fancy drop

weight: 0.375

clarity: SI1

colour: natural fancy pink

measurment: 4,15x6,13x2,16mm




fancy drop

weight: 0.377

clarity: SI1

colour: natural fancy pink

measurement: 3,82x6,08x2,49mm



Thanks a lot for your help

Best regards


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It's really difficult to price fancy color diamonds, especially a matched set of pinks. There are so many factors that go into price, including the lab that graded the diamonds, the intensity of the color, the margin of the seller, the availability of like diamonds, as well as a dozen other factors that factor into the price.


With that said, however, I would expect that anything graded as "natural fancy pink" by GIA is going to be VERY expensive. We were recently researching large pink diamonds for a client and found several stones that were selling for $30,000-$50,000 PER CARAT for light or brownish pinks. A fancy intense pink was over $280,000 per carat.


Best of luck. If you do decide to buy you can consider yourself to be part of a pretty exclusive club of pink diamond owners!

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