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buying a diamond through 'connections'..opinions?


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my possible/likely future father in law has connections/long standing business relationships with several dealers in estate jewelry. after speaking with a few of them, i've gotten to the following diamond, and would like to get some more experienced opinion(s) on it before i proceed.


here is information on the diamond that i recieved from an online report by EGL usa (this is the certificate...or details thereof)



Weight 1.52 ct.


Color G

Clarity SI1

Measurements 6.4 x 6.36 x 4.52 mm

Depth 71.1

Table 74.0

Crown 9.1

Pavilion 57.9



Symmetry GOOD

Fluorescence FAINT BLUE

Culet NONE

Cut Grade

Lot 5-57G




UGS Appraisal Value $14340.00




my questions:


1) what does that 'appraisal value' really mean?

2) they've quoted me $7,000 for that stone, mounted in a white gold tiffany setting.




i assume that this is a good "deal"....is there anything that you see here that raises any red flags?



thank you for being a part of a forum where i can get information on things that i do not have the time to become an expert in. :huh:

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1) what does that 'appraisal value' really mean?


That's the appraisers estimate of what a hypothetical and unidentified jewelry store might be willing to ask for it.


It's not required or even expected that this store actually exists or that they make any sales at this price even if they do, only that somebody, somewhere on the planet is theoretically willing to write this number on a price tag.


Ignore it in it's entirety along with any other 'appraisal' that doesn't explain what they mean by their terms and how they came to their value conclusions.


Neil Beaty


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so then....ignoring that (as i figured was the case), what does the verdict on the diamond stand as? do you see anything 'suspect' there, or am i swimming in safe water?



i only thought that the value thing was more 'worthwhile' because it was included in the diamond certificate. if it was just something written on a tag, that's no big deal.




(all of that information that i posted is from EGL's website...if i go to http://www.eglusa.com/customerlogin.html and type in the certificate number, i get that information that i posted)

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It's correct that UGS is affiliated with EGL-USA. This does not make their opinions more useful but it certainly does improve their distribution.


There's not enough information available on a lab report to give anything like a meaningful value conclusion. There are quite a few other variables that aren't listed on that report. In particular, cut and grading accuracy. Labs are not 'certifying' anything and a stone described by one lab as an SI1 may be described by another as SI2 or worse. A color of G may really be an H (or I), etc. As you shop you will quickly find that this makes a tremendous difference in the price. Reliance on the lab reports can get you into trouble. As with the appraisal, check into the credibility of the lab before you decide to bet your hard earned money on their opinions.


There is a search index at the top of the page under 'find onlilne jeweler' where you can find advertised stones for sale that are superficially similar. All of these same rules apply to these people, of course, but it does supply some useful competitive information.


The way to get the best deal is to first, choose your dealer, then choose your stone, then choose your appraiser. Starting with the price does occasionally work but it can be the source of quite a bit of trouble as well because there are so many other things that come into play.

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