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dimond price value if brocken?

Guest a123lozano

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The most accurate answer is, it depends.. How big is the break, where is the break, how big was the diamond to begin with, etc.. For a very minor point break on a pointed diamond like a princess, it might not affect the price at all, but splitting it in half most definately will affect the price..



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The per-carat value/price of a diamond increases exponentially with the carat-size of the *whole* diamond. As an example, if the per-carat value of 1-carat diamond is $5,000, then the per-carat value of a 2-carat diamond is $8,000. Using the above example, a 1-carat diamond would be worth $5,000 and a 2-carat diamond would be worth $16,000.


So, as Feydakin explained, "it depends". It depends on how many diamonds are left over after the break, and how big (in carats) each one is. If you took a 10-carat diamond and smashed it into diamond dust, well, .... :huh:

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