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Looking for non-conflict diamonds


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The companies you mentioned are manufacturers of jewelry that contain diamonds but I don't think either one sells individual stones. In their manufacturing, they will buy diamonds that have been authenticated through a procedure called the Kimberly Process, that was put into place in 2000 for exactly the reasons you are concerned about. It's not perfect but it works pretty well. The trade in diamonds as both a motivation for and a way of funding war has pretty much stopped because of it, at least for now. I wish the same could be said for oil.


Every manufacturer in the US uses the same rules. The Kimberly Process applies to major stones as well and there are both individual companies and governments that will follow a stone from the mine to the retail counter. Most of the Canadian mining and cutting companies take great pride in this as well as new companies from South Africa and Australia.


You can read about the Kimberly Process here:



Neil Beaty


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I believe there are some Canadian companies that are mining diamonds directly from Canada, cutting on their own, and making the finished product available to consumers. Their big claim is that, obviously, such diamonds would be "conflict-free" because they were mined from Canada and were always in their control until they get sold to consumers.

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