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1.0 carat vs 1.2 carat - noticeable??


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Remember that carat is a unit of weight, not of face up surface area. These things are related but they aren’t the same. If the stone is thicker, it will face up smaller than one that is thinner. The trick comes in that this all affects the optical performance of the stone in addition to its apparent size. In general, a 20% heavier stone will look larger but there are other variables involved.


Neil Beaty


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Cut quality of the diamond is a very important factor in the face-up appearance of the diamond(s).


Two diamonds of the same carat weight can still look significantly different depending on their proportions. Indeed, a 1 carat diamond that is cut to spready proportions may even look bigger than a properly cut 1.20 carat stone and definitely bigger than a "nail-head" narrowly proportioned stone that has all of it's weight in it's thick girdle and pavillion facets.


The enclosed graphic should give you visual picture of this.


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