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What do you think of this round diamond?


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What, if anything should I be concerned about for this diamond? I believe everything looks really good on paper and I'm hopeful that the stone is as beatiful when I see it.



Sarin Report:


Round AGS 1.207 crt

diam. 6.86mm (6.84-6.89) [.7%]

depth 4.18mm 60.9%

crown 36.0 o (35.5-36.5) 1

crown 13.9% (13.5-14.4) 0

pavil 41.3o (40.8-41.8) 1

pavil 43.3% (42.8-43.9) 0

table 59.5% (59.3-59.7) 2

girdle 1.2 Thin – 2.5 Sl. Thick 1.7% 0

culet 0.5% Very small 0


GIA Cert:


Carat weight: 1.20

Cut: Very Good

Color: F

Clarity: SI1

Depth %: 61.2%

Table %: 60%

Symmetry: Very good

Polish: Very good

Girdle: Thin to slightly thick, faceted

Culet: None

Fluorescence: None

Measurements: 6.82x6.87x4.19 mm


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The diamond is cut better than the vast majority of diamonds sold in the world today. It is technically not going to be considered "Ideal", but my guess is that when you receive the stone you will be very impressed with it's brilliance and beauty.


The size you ordered is also very nice, and large! 1.20ct should be pretty impressive and the very high "F" color is desirable as well.


Best of luck - let us know how it turns out...

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