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What's a fair price for this diamond?

Guest jvern

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I have a diamond I'm looking at for an engagement ring. I need to know what a fair price would be. Here are the specs:


GIA cert.

Round Brilliant shape/cut


1.00 Carats

Depth 62.3%

Table 62%

Girdle-thin to slightly thick, faceted


Polish & Symmetry both GOOD



Fluorescence-Medium Blue


Set in a 2.5MM 6-prong, platinum setting


What is a fair price?

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The price that is "fair" depends somewhat on where you are buying the diamond.


If it's coming from a store that has spent lots of time showing you many diamonds then you should be willing to pay a little more for that extra service.


If it's coming from an internet company that is shipping the diamond "sight-unseen" then the price would probably be a little less than in a store.


The best way to really know for sure is to do some apple to apple comparisons yourself and see what diamonds with the same (or very similar) specifications would be sold for elsewhere.


The platinum ring, by the way, is worth about $500-$600 if it's just a simple solitiare.

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