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I read in Fred Cuellar's book "How to Buy a Diamond" about how color can be broken down into five different "types". So let's say the color is J or K. Within that there is 5 different types 1 - 5, 1 being the best of that color... in the price charts in the book, it even breaks down the price by the color AND type. But when I went to a jeweler he said it had no bearing on the price and that type didn't matter??

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The GIA color grading scale does not include a ‘type’ although GIA is not the only grading scale being used in the industry. As far as I can tell, Mr. Cuellar has the only store that uses this particular scale. You’re jeweler probably hasn’t read his advertisement/book where he explains his scale and simply didn’t know what you were asking about. Every dealer will tell you why you should be buying from them and why their goods are better than their competitors and much of the shopping process involves fine-tuning your BS filter. There’s a reason that book is free - It’s an infomercial for Mr. Cuellar’s store. Read it accordingly.


Neil Beaty


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Years ago thre was no 'standard' method of grading stones.. Every jeweler had their own system and method of how they graded each stone.. Many started using an A, AA, and AAA system to allow them three basic price points.. A being cheapest, AA be average and AAA being top of the line..


Unfortunately, everyone graded differently so my AAA might be better or worse than Neil's AAA so you could never compare them without holding them side by side because the 'grade' meant nothing and was pure marketing.. This is the same tactic used by those that still like to create their own systems.. It's an effort to market themselves differently and has no real impact in any measurable way on the industry as a whole..


Add to this the fact that most people can't tell the differnt between a G and an H color stone, how can they possibly be expected to pick between a G1 and a G2 colored stones, whose prices are probably quite different?? It's all about marketing and helping you feel that you are getting more for your money than may actually be getting..

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