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My husband and I were looking for a 3 stone anniversary ring. We saw one today that really caught our eye. Center stone was 1.4 carats, side stones were .5 carats each, oval shape with a beautiful sparkle, in a 18k white gold setting. The stones appeared to be inclusion free with the naked eye. The jeweler said the price was $4,900. Here is the however. The yellowness of the stones were quite apparent. I will add that all 3 stones appeared to have the same degree of yellowness, perhaps they could be rated M. We neglected to ask the jeweler. By no means was this ring to be confused with canary diamonds, despite him saying that "yellow diamonds" are very popular these days.


My knee jerk reaction was to avoid stones that were yellow, but the sparkle really kept me interested. It sparkled more than some 2 carat stones that had no hint of yellow, perhaps H or I colored. My husband asked to be shown a diamond he said was of poor quality. He showed us a 3 carat stone that had little or no sparkle and cloudy. I asked that he steam clean it, so I could really see it clean. Still no sparkle.


I am wondering. Should I avoid this very sparkly diamond with a yellow hue? Is the price reasonable for yellowish diamonds of these sizes? He did say that if the stones were of H color, the price would be double.


Thanks for any insights you might offer.



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Color preference is a difficult area to give advice. Some people rather like the warmer colors while others absolutely hate them. One thing is for sure, it has a substantial affect on the price. An N color goes for bunches less than an otherwise similar J and it's remarkably difficult for most people to tell the difference because they don't have the stones to compare to. You mentioned that 'perhaps they could be rated M'. What's your source for this information?


Neil Beaty


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