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Please advise on this diamond - Thanks!


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I'm interested in any comments/opinions on the following diamond:


Carat weight: 1.20

Cut: Very Good

Color: F

Clarity: SI1

Depth %: 61.2%

Table %: 60%

Symmetry: Very good

Polish: Very good

Girdle: Thin to slightly thick, faceted

Culet: None

Fluorescence: None

Measurements: 6.82x6.87x4.19 mm

Price: ~$6,800


This is a Round diamond with a GIA report. There are inclusions noted on the grading report - mostly feather.


Specific Questions:

1. Are there any red flags about this diamond? ie, does it seem like it should be ok?

2. Will the cut, and color tend to hide any of the inclusions?

3. Which inclusions are typically worse than other? (example: feather vs. pinpoint, vs. cloud, etc.) ??

4. Does a 4-prong setting make a round diamond look better or worse than a 6-prong?


Thanks! Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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