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GIA Report from March 2003


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At the very least, I would ask "why" the report is so old. There could be several reasons:


1. The diamond was sold, worn, and then returned (not good!)


2. It's such a poorly cut piece of junk that no one wants it (not good!)


3. It simply sat in the vault for that long (good, but unusual!)


Keep in mind that jewelers like to turn over their inventory as quickly as possible. If they have to keep a $5000 diamond in the vault for 2.5 years, this would be like taking out a $5000 loan, putting the cash in a vault unused, and needlessly paying interest for 2.5 years.

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thanks for the responces. the reason I was told it is a March 2003 is that there is not that much demand for 1.5 carat cushion cuts. Is that true?


Here are the specs:


1.5 carat

Depth 63.3%

Table 62%

Medium to extremely Thick Girlde

No Cutlet

Plolish-Very Good

Symmetrey Good


D Color

Medium Blue Flourescence


Asking $9,850 which I was told is roughly a 20% discount to Rap.


The dealer says that this a new diamond and never sold.

What do you think?

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