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I purchased from them. Seem nice. The source of their diamonds is the same as most other on-line retailers. You ask them a specific question and they need to call New York to get the answer.


They were good at assisting in finding a stone that would best meet what I was looking for.


Now the bad part - their site showed they were having 3% discount for the month. Also, the site said you would save an additional 1.5% discount for wire transfer. But, when I went to finalize the purchase I was told that I would get a 3% discount for the wire transfer. According to them, the 3% is only for wire transfers and the 1.5% doesn't even exist - even though the website says it does! I'm still debating contacting the BBB regarding this. It cost me about $150 that I hadn't expected to pay. :( They admitted that it is very confusing but haven't removed it. :D


Anyhow, even with this, I still liked doing business with them and would do so in the future if the situation came up.

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Thank you for the kind words. I wasn't aware about the confusion on the website until you wrote this post and I spoke with some of the sales staff! I value your opinion and have made some changes to help clarify our discount policy. When you placed the order our special was listed as follows:


"Up to 3% discount on diamond purchases over $1,500! Just mention code DX501 when calling. Offer not valid with any other discounts or promotions."


It now says:


"Our bank wire discount is doubled from 1.5% to 3% this month! Just mention code DX501 when calling. Credit card orders receive 1.5% discount. Offer not valid with any other discounts or promotions."


I hope that makes more sense, and I especially value your patronage.

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I did alot of research into Princess cut diamonds. This is my second time around because my first wife passed a few years back. When it comes to buying diamonds I have very good luck, comes with patience and knowledge. I just recieved a 1.6ct PR cut that is unbelievable from James Allen aka(dirtcheapdiamonds). They actually sort their diamonds based on cut unlike most places. Whenever I select a diamond cut is the first thing then color then clarity.


By the way, I was partners in a jewelery store located 15 minutes from the diamond district in NYC. What I can get from distributers there is amazing but they still could not compare to what I found online. That does not mean that every online deal is good but witha 30 day money back garuantee, and a good jeweler to inspect, you have alot of inventory to select from.


Thank you James Allen, specifically Josh. I brought the diamond to a wholesaler asking how much for a diamond to match to make a set and his price was 5k more that I paid.

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