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i've seen a diamond sold in a free shop in amsterdam. the only information I could get (online) is that it weighe approximately 0.32 karats, has a wesselton colour, and a P1 clarity. The diamond has a round shape.

They sell it for 425 euros ($522)


Do you think it's worth the price quote they gave?



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Wellelton usually means G-H color in the GIA scale although this is an obsolete term and few dealers use it any more. P1 is a European term for I-1.


The way to decide if the price is right is to shop other dealers for comparable goods and to see what they are charging for what you like. This is a lot easier if everyone is describing things in the same way. Naturally, it's important that the stone is properly graded and there are other variables beyond weight, color and clarity that many people want to consider but this gives you a good place to start.


Neil Beaty


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