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Sound like a good price?


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3-fold question here:



I've been studying up on what type of engagement ring I'd like to get for my girlfriend. After visiting a jewelry store today to look at some stones, I think I've got it pretty well narrowed down to what I want. I've been looking around for awhile and I've found the best price for what I'm looking for at an online jeweler.


I would like some input - does this seems to be a decent buy?


Diamond: $7903

Setting: $199

Total: $8102


Shape: Round

Carat: 1.24

Color: H

Clarity: VS1

Depth: 61.4

Table: 56

Report: GIA



Setting Information:

Metal: 14KT Gold

Color: N/A

Clarity: N/A

Carat: 0.00

Style: Solitaires Settings


2) Do you think that a G-H is too low a grade of clarity for combination with a White Gold or Platinum setting?



Also, I was just wondering someone could give me some input on White Gold vs. Platinum. I've heard from some that white gold is inferior because it may discolor, but I've also been told that Platinum is inferior because scratches can't be removed from it (and it costs more). Any input on this?


Any input is much appreciated.

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The polish and symmetry were both rated as excellent. It had a no flourescence and the girdle was Medium. Culet was none.


Also, I was wondering how flourescence affects price and quality?


I found several diamonds that were similar in these characteristics and similar in price. Which do you recommend as the higher priority things to look for?

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$7,900 is a very fair price for that diamond. G/H is very white and will look great in white gold or platinum. Platinum scratches - white gold turns yellow. Either way it's not going to be a huge problem.


As to fluorescence, most of the time it has no effect on the diamond - period. Medium or strong fluorescence might drive down the price a few dollars if the stone is a high color (say G or above). I like fluorescence personally and own several diamonds that are medium or above.


Congrats - I think you found a winner!

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