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Price for H VS2 GIA 2.07


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I wanted to know if you guys could help me with this.

I am not a pro in this and I know nothing about diamonds.

I am in the process of buying a diamond

The one I am looking at is:



2.07 H VS2

Table 68% (I was told that it is big) but looks good to me

Depth 58.2%

Polish good

Sym good

Culet medium

Flur none

Girdle thin to very thick


Wanted to know what is a good price for this diamond.

Guy offers it to me for 14k. GIA Cert. What do you guys think?




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Afternoon BLK;


That stone that you are looking at is not too bad at that price, but there is a reason that it is selling for such an inexpensive price. The Table [68%], is far beyond the good range. For example, and Ideal Tabele is app. 53%-57%, premium 58%/63%, and good is around 64%-65%. At that level 68%, your 2 carat stone although large in appearance it does not have the cut range to reflect the most amount of fire and brilliance.


These numbers, are for a round shape, is that the shape you are looking for?

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So far this isn't too bad. Small-medium culet isn't an important concern for most customers although the table is quite a bit bigger than what most folks like. Have you seen the stone? Do you love it?


There are several ways to search for offers of stones that you can use to compare. the button at the top of the page called 'find online jeweler' will lead to a database where you can look up stones that are advertised here. Most of the online dealers have similar utilities on their sites to allow you to browse through their inventory and see what things cost. There are a few areas that are pretty difficult to shop without looking at the stone in person, notably cut. This is the reason for the above question. It can have a considerable affect on the price.


Neil Beaty


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