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my diamond has chipped


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I recently noticed that my 1.7 carat oval diamond in my engagement ring has a very small chip on one side. i noticed a rough spot and then on closer examination noticed that chip. Are diamonds warrantied? I am concerned b/c I didn't think that diamonds could chip. Any help would be much appreciated!

I am planning on calling the jeweler who sold us the stone but wanted to get soe more information first.





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To expand on Neil's answer, yes, diamonds can and do chip all of the time..


The thing that most poeple do not understand, or do not have explained to them, is that while diamonds are the 'hardest' substance on earth, they are also very brittle.. A sharp impact on an edge, as in your case, from something as minor as dropping it into a sink can chip the diamond..


Hopefully your jeweler will be able to help you out with a good solution for both of you..

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